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Night Skiing Masella Style in Catalonia

Night Skiing La Masella, Catalonia

Night Skiing Masella Style Are your family activities lacking in the wow factor? One way to pep them up is to do them at a different time of day. Especially at night, where a veil of darkness can turn an everyday activity or location into a new and exotic experience. While checking out Catalonia’s five [...]

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Doing more with less using eBay collections

Doing more with less using eBay collections Families can be expensive. Family outdoor play, adventures and holidays even more so. Kit is a major part of the cost, and that’s where sites like eBay come into their own if you want to be doing more with less money. And now eBay has gone one step [...]

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How to have an adventure every day

How to have an adventure every day Is the endless domestic treadmill turning you into a robot? Ever felt like sweeping the washing straight from the tumble dryer into the bin? Have you forgotten how to have an adventure? Do you find yourself rolling through life in a rather unpleasant comfort bubble? Then STOP! There [...]

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Love, Loneliness & Light: Sunset Piste Basher Ride

Our very own Piste Basher ride at sunset La Molina

Love, Loneliness & Light: Sunset Piste Basher Ride Skiing in the Catalan Pyrenees brought the opportunity for novel excursion – a night time piste basher ride. Skiers and boarders can spend the day carving up the snow, and then personally supervise their mashed up runs being rejuvenated. It’s not often you find yourself at the [...]

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Mum Cam: Testing a Wearable Camera

Mum Cam: Testing a Wearable Camera. Panasonic HX-A100 Review You may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with using more video recently so are on the look out for innovations that help make it easier to gather footage, bring a new angle or show an activity in a different way. In this post we review a [...]

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Campsite Bivvy & Bivvy Bag Review

Campsite Bivvy Microadventure & Bivvy Bag Review Have you ever camped without a tent? At a campsite? It’s a strange experience as we recently found out. But it did give us a chance to test out different styles of bivvy bags in a controlled environment. In this post, part of our sleepover season of posts [...]

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Tips for family skiing first timers

Tips for family skiing first timers Family skiing. An active, bonding activity that everyone can enjoy? Or a complex mogul field of personalities, abilities and levels of skill and stamina? This is what I’m wondering as I stand on the brink of our first winter sports holiday as a family. And is there any way [...]

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Stories from the Spanish Snow #InPyrenees

Stories from the Spanish Snow #InPyrenees There’s nothing that symbolises winter like a snow flake; a statement that was recently proved when a single flake clung on to the global spotlight, ousting an Olympic Ring in the process. Its historic moment on the world stage was perhaps more meaningful to us than most as we’re [...]

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Two sides to paradise: backroad cycling in Croatia

Croatia Backroad to Montenegro

Two sides to paradise: backroad cycling in Croatia Continuing the story of our recent Balkan adventures, we return to Croatia, where after troubles cycling on the main roads we finally find a back-road heading towards Montenegro. You know one of those quiet gravel strewn roads you dream of, where traffic disappears, the sun warms your back [...]

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The Scottish Trossachs: a winter paddling challenge

Forest Holidays Cottage Strathyre

The Scottish Trossachs – and a winter paddling challenge Just 30 miles from Glasgow, The Trossachs is a secret the canny Scots have kept to themselves. While bus-loads of tourists puzzle out the likelihood of a monster in the depths of Loch Ness, and everyone leaving Glasgow seems to head straight up the A82 for the [...]

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