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Adventure Ideas: South American Style

Patagonia Cycling

Adventure Ideas – South American Style At the Olympic handover this summer, the world’s attention shifted from London to Rio as the Brazilian capital prepares to host the next Games. But Brazil is just one of many incredible options in South America for great active family adventures. In this edition of Adventure Ideas I’m going [...]

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The End of the World as We Know It

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: The End of The World….. As We Know It.Date: 25th February 2000Place: Ushuiai, Argentina Dear all, Well, here it is the final installment… the end of our world of cycling… for the moment. We left Chile for the last time on Valentines day. We had crossed in and out of Chile [...]

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The long and incredible story of the Boy from Cochrane

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: The Long and Incredible Story of the Boy from CochraneDate: January 2000 (we’ve lost track!)Place: El Calafate, Argentina (at last) Dear all, You haven´t heard from us for a while…thought we were lost or dead? Well, not quite although it was a close thing at times. Fattened and freshened by our [...]

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