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Boy Bands, Chain Dancing & Doom Metal: Faroese music

Tutl Records Torshavn

You can really get to know a country by its music. And just like the islands themselves, Faroese music is surprisingly varied and eclectic. After a morning with Faroese textile artist Astrid Andreasen, we visited the legendary Tutl Records to get some insider insights into the diverse pleasures of the Faroese music scene…  Boy Bands, [...]

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How do you cut a grass roof?

Mowing the lawn at the Nordic Centre, Torshavn

One of the distinguishing features of The Faroe Islands is the traditional turf roofs. You’ll find these environmentally friendly lids everywhere on the 18 inhabited islands. And you’d be a hard hearted tourist if you didn’t fall in love with them. But while we marvel at the beauty of this place and the quaintness of these [...]

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Ultimate adventure day out – on Mykines, Faroe Islands

Helicopter over the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands managed to lay on one of the best days out we have ever had as a family. It began with a  helicopter ride, continued with a walk to a far flung lighthouse down a sheer, puffin studded cliff and ended with an adrenaline filled spin on the waves. The sun shone throughout, [...]

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The seagull has landed: bird watching in The Faroes

Mykines, Faroe Islands

Are you a bird spotter? Ever considered bird watching? I wasn’t and hadn’t until I stopped off at The Faroes. I thought birds were just playthings for cats until I visited Mykines; home to several huge colonies of… well birds. Well you don’t expect me to know what they’re called do you? The only wren I [...]

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Something from nothing – art & creativity in Faroes

The Faroe Islands are a breeding ground for creatives. Whether its music, textiles, pottery, poetry or podcasting, people like to express themselves artistically. We found a similar creative energy in Iceland. But why? What is it about these islands? Is it the influence of the landscape or the sea? Is it the lack of distractions? [...]

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The adventure that is getting around the Faroe Islands

The adventure that is getting around the Faroe Islands Getting around the Faroe Islands is all part of the fun of visiting. From subsidised helicopters to speed boats, ferries and free buses around the capital, public transport is cheap and varied. Connecting up communities is seen as important here and the way they’ve been connected [...]

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Unspoilt beauty of the Faroe Islands

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

  The Faroe Islands are an eclectic assortment of 18 volcanic rocks hundreds of miles from anywhere in the middle of the North Atlantic. Many people haven’t heard of them. Others think they’re in Egypt. So what are the Faroe Islands? And why should you go there? We spent a week finding out and over [...]

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From rainbow islands to the mists of East Iceland

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

From rainbow islands to the mists of East Iceland Catching a ferry to Iceland isn’t like catching a ferry to anywhere else in the world. From check-in until disembarkation, the combination of vehicles, people and scenery give you the sense of entering another world, with a bunch of natural born explorers…. We feel like the [...]

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