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Eating like a local: Barcelona food guide

Boqueria Market Barcelona Fish for Sale

Eating like a local in Barcelona Food is integral to Barcelona. And it is likely to be integral to your tourist experience of the city. But unlike some European cities, you don’t have to part with the contents of your wallet in honeypot restaurants. If you eat where the locals eat, and when they eat, [...]

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Has my car been towed? Get it back in Barcelona

Car Towed Away Sticker Barcelona

Has my car been towed? Get it back in Barcelona It’s tough being a foreigner sometimes. You don’t know the rules. You can’t speak the language. That two lane road you parked on last night has suddenly become four lanes, and your car has disappeared. If, like us, your car gets towed away and impounded [...]

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Night Skiing Masella Style in Catalonia

Night Skiing La Masella, Catalonia

Night Skiing Masella Style Are your family activities lacking in the wow factor? One way to pep them up is to do them at a different time of day. Especially at night, where a veil of darkness can turn an everyday activity or location into a new and exotic experience. While checking out Catalonia’s five [...]

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Bucket list destinations – from Havana to Heaven

Patagonia Cycling

My bucket list destinations -Havana to Heaven What countries or cities would you like to see before you die? I know it seems morbid, but if you don’t plan for these things they may never happen. In this post (which includes some video content sponsored by Cuba Travel Network) I consider some of my bucket [...]

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Catalonian Pyrenees: Five Fabulous Family Ski Resorts

Family learning to ski in La Masella Pyrenees

Catalonian Pyrenees: Five Fabulous Family Ski Resorts We were recently in The Pyrenees. The sun was golden and the skies were blue. The apres ski was affordable. The runs were quiet and seemingly endless, and most of the time there were no queues for the lift. Yes, I said The Pyrenees. In the school holidays. [...]

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What’s the best age for Disney?

Disneyland Paris

Never too old for Disney? Is there a best age for Disney? It’s a year since we met Mickey Mouse in Florida. My son pointed this out recently. Which is unusual because anniversaries aren’t particularly relevant to an 11 year old. But I had also been thinking it myself, and wishing I could turn the [...]

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How to have an adventure every day

How to have an adventure every day Is the endless domestic treadmill turning you into a robot? Ever felt like sweeping the washing straight from the tumble dryer into the bin? Have you forgotten how to have an adventure? Do you find yourself rolling through life in a rather unpleasant comfort bubble? Then STOP! There [...]

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Learning how to be brave: a lesson for parents & kids

Jumping off Savin Kuk in the mountains of Montenegro

Learning how to be brave Do you trust your kids? With their own life? Really? It’s harder than it sounds. I thought I was a relaxed Mum when it came to adventure. But when my daughter started to risk assess for herself, I panicked. A seven year old girl was surely too young to make [...]

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Love, Loneliness & Light: Sunset Piste Basher Ride

Our very own Piste Basher ride at sunset La Molina

Love, Loneliness & Light: Sunset Piste Basher Ride Skiing in the Catalan Pyrenees brought the opportunity for novel excursion – a night time piste basher ride. Skiers and boarders can spend the day carving up the snow, and then personally supervise their mashed up runs being rejuvenated. It’s not often you find yourself at the [...]

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Tibidabo amusement park – nostalgic family fun

Tibidabo amusement park – nostalgic family fun For a gentle rush there is nothing to beat Tibidabo, Barcelona’s iconic mountain, amusement park and family playground. While weekend visitors from around the globe flock to Barcelona city centre to see Gaudi’s visionary masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, people with small children head for a cooler mountainside location [...]

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