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Five ways to give nature a look-in in family life

Girl by Waterfall in Iceland

Meet the New Marketing Director of Nature The feature length documentary “Project Wild Thing” launched recently in indie cinemas around the UK. In the film, director David Bond self appoints himself Marketing Director of Nature, a challenging job in which he sets out to sell nature and the outdoors, to persuade his own kids and [...]

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Talking Point: Virtual Travel Galapagos Style

Google Street View Galapagos

Talking Point: Virtual Travel Do you have a travel bucket list? Have you actually ticked off anything on it recently? Or is it just another page of dreams or “To Do’s” that you never quite get around to? Well, something I read in the news this week got me wondering whether I could tick off [...]

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Pliskovica: a traditional Slovenian Karst village

Honey tasting in Pliskovica

Pliskovica: a traditional Slovenian Karst village Where in the world can you have a go at cutting limestone, taste six types of honey and meet the bees that produced it, bike around vineyards then play traditional shepherds’ games on a hillside? And all in one day, if you have the energy in the glorious sunshine. [...]

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Everything Organic at Ljubljana’s Posestvo Trnulja

Farm under full Moon at Posestvo Trnulja

Breakfast with donkeys? Hemp linen? A five star organic breakfast? This was no ordinary Slovenian farmstay. Posestvo Trnulja, on the Ljubljana marshes, is a farm on a mission; to teach the world about hemp and health and another way of living and eating. Organic Food and Donkey Therapy Hemp farmer Ursa Kunz has a long [...]

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Nausicaa Boulogne: We’re all islanders now

Nausicaa Boulogne

Nausicaa Boulogne: We’re all islanders now The ocean is an underwater treasure trove, life support and global resource. It covers nearly ¾ of the globe, with no real borders or boundaries. But have you been down to the sea lately? How well do you know it? What’s in it? Where has it been? And where [...]

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Antarctica Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld Preview

SeaWorld Orlando Antarctica Experience

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld Preview Antartica is about to get much more accessible. The biggest ever extension to Florida’s SeaWorld is due to open May 2013 and will introduce visitors to The Empire of the Penguin. While in Orlando recently SeaWorld gave us ten minutes behind the scenes with one of the stars of the [...]

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Talking Point 18: Just a cup of coffee?

Coffee and Water, Aqua Pavilion, Floriade 2012, Venlo

Talking Point: Just a cup of coffee? I took this photo in the water pavilion at the 2012 Floriade, a once a decade international horticultural festival that takes place in Holland. I thought a horticultural show would be a boring day out; I mean how much fun can you have checking out the latest flowers? [...]

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Talking Point 11: How many tourists?

Talking Point 11: How many tourists? Have you ever wondered how many tourists are there in the world? No? Well, imagine a million people suspended in the air all around the planet right now. That’s roughly how many people are flying at any given time according to the BBC programme Super Sized Earth, a series [...]

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Can comic heros save us from death by detergent?

How do you save an iconic lake from death by detergent? It’s a job for superheroes and needs community involvement, kids included. But how do you engage kids in serious environmental stuff like this? At Windermere Reflections they’ve recruited a time travelling girl with a teddy bear, a starlit umbrella, a smartphone app and local [...]

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Fisherman Fishing Village – at Sudureyri

Sudereyri Fisherman's Project Fish Processing Factory

If you live in the remote Western Fjords of Iceland, you have to be imaginative about how you reel in visitors and their spending money. That’s where fish hooks come in useful as we found out when we visited the Fisherman Fishing Village Project in Sudureyri…. The Fisherman Fishing Village – at Sudureyri In Sudureyri [...]

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