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Eating like a local: Barcelona food guide

Boqueria Market Barcelona Fish for Sale

Eating like a local in Barcelona Food is integral to Barcelona. And it is likely to be integral to your tourist experience of the city. But unlike some European cities, you don’t have to part with the contents of your wallet in honeypot restaurants. If you eat where the locals eat, and when they eat, [...]

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The Spinning Suns of Medjugorje, Bosnia

Cooling off on the road to Medjugorje

In search of Our Lady of the Mountains in Medjugorje With the lavender scent of Hvar firmly behind us as we head on our way to Mostar, we take a detour towards the mountains to visit the famous town of Medjugorje in Southern Bosnia. Riding along under a voluminous morning sky, we squint hopefully at a [...]

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Pliskovica: a traditional Slovenian Karst village

Honey tasting in Pliskovica

Pliskovica: a traditional Slovenian Karst village Where in the world can you have a go at cutting limestone, taste six types of honey and meet the bees that produced it, bike around vineyards then play traditional shepherds’ games on a hillside? And all in one day, if you have the energy in the glorious sunshine. [...]

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Llandudno & Conwy Social Media SatNav Challenge

Llandudno Pier reflected in Sweety Cabin

What to do in LLandudno & Conwy in 48 hours? In the midst of chaos in the lead up to our summer expedition to the Balkans, we head off to the North Wales coast for a family weekend in Llandudno and Conwy. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not like we need a holiday. And [...]

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10 life lessons from Dali. No really, not surreally.

Is it art or is it life? At the Dali museum Figueres

10 life lessons from the Dali museum. No really, not surreally. I fell in love in the Costa Brava. But believe me this was no normal holiday romance. My new fella and I don’t speak the same language and I have to squint to see his viewpoint about anything. He sports the world’s most famous moustache [...]

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Adventure Ideas 8: Real Vietnam for families

Vietnamese Girls

Adventure Ideas 8: Real Vietnam for families Do you sometimes feel you spend time in a country yet never properly get it? Are you too busy being a tourist to pick up on the authentic and notice what the locals are doing? This week’s Adventure Ideas is the first of a new occasional series of ideas [...]

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How do you cut a grass roof?

Mowing the lawn at the Nordic Centre, Torshavn

One of the distinguishing features of The Faroe Islands is the traditional turf roofs. You’ll find these environmentally friendly lids everywhere on the 18 inhabited islands. And you’d be a hard hearted tourist if you didn’t fall in love with them. But while we marvel at the beauty of this place and the quaintness of these [...]

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Unspoilt beauty of the Faroe Islands

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

  The Faroe Islands are an eclectic assortment of 18 volcanic rocks hundreds of miles from anywhere in the middle of the North Atlantic. Many people haven’t heard of them. Others think they’re in Egypt. So what are the Faroe Islands? And why should you go there? We spent a week finding out and over [...]

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8 things that make Iceland sooo creative

What makes Icelanders so creative? It’s perhaps an understatement to say that Icelanders are a quirky nation. But what makes them so eccentric? What shapes Iceland’s creative culture? Is it the weird daylight hours they keep, or the amount of space they have to play in? Do they take creative energy from the volcanos that [...]

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Counting Sheep in Cumbrian Dialect

Counting Sheep in Cumbrian Dialect Counting sheep here in Cumbria isn’t just something you do to get to sleep. Sheep are not just part of the landscape, they’re part of the local economy. So if you’re a sheep farmer counting sheep is a bit like counting money (although they’ll probably tell you not very much [...]

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