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Salford Quays – ‘a beautiful place with no ships’

View from Viewing Tower of Imperial War Museum North at Salford Quays Manchester

A short break in Salford Quays – ‘a beautiful place with no ships’ The suburbs of Manchester may not spring to mind when you imagine a fun family weekend break, but following years of investment and redevelopment there are now plenty of things to do in Salford Quays, making it a great choice for an interesting short break, [...]

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Castilla y Leon – UNESCO World of wonders

Burgos Cathedral

Castilla y Leon – UNESCO World of Wonders Castilla y Leon in Northern Spain is something of a king of the castle when it comes to history and heritage, boasting eight UNESCO World Heritage listings including three provincial cities (Avila, Segovia and Salamanca) and the pilgrim trail of the Camino de Santiago. In this, the [...]

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10 life lessons from Dali. No really, not surreally.

Is it art or is it life? At the Dali museum Figueres

10 life lessons from the Dali museum. No really, not surreally. I fell in love in the Costa Brava. But believe me this was no normal holiday romance. My new fella and I don’t speak the same language and I have to squint to see his viewpoint about anything. He sports the world’s most famous moustache [...]

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Artists have taken over Kensington Palace, London

Kensington Palace is Transformed

Artists have taken over Kensington Palace You can’t do London without doing the Royal Family. But what if you’re allergic to stuffy Palaces, with all their boring portraits and dusty bedding? Personally I’d rather be locked up in The Tower than spend my holiday dragging around dull royal lodgings. Having stayed around the corner from [...]

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Landesmuseum Mainz: accessible art & history

Viewing in the Landesmuseum Mainz

You’d have to have been snoozing harder than Sleeping Beauty to have missed the spectacle of London 2012 Paralympic Games. But while the competition brought elite athletes from all over the globe together in London, how easy is it for ordinary people with limited mobility or sensory difficulties to get away from home? I spent [...]

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Unspoilt beauty of the Faroe Islands

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

  The Faroe Islands are an eclectic assortment of 18 volcanic rocks hundreds of miles from anywhere in the middle of the North Atlantic. Many people haven’t heard of them. Others think they’re in Egypt. So what are the Faroe Islands? And why should you go there? We spent a week finding out and over [...]

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Living with lava – family life under a volcano

Eyafjallajokull Visitor Centre

Family life in the shadow of Eyjafjallajökull How do you feel about volcanoes? Would you give your right arm to see one blow, or run as fast as you could in the other direction? Iceland’s Eyjafjalljokull Erupts Visitor Centre at Thorvaldseyri may change your mind about moulten magma. It offers tourists a personal, emotive film show, following one [...]

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I believe in the creature from the deep

Ice Monster

Sorting out what Icelandic people really believe in is a time consuming business. But, having spent a week in Reykjavik earlier in the year,  and four weeks here this summer, I’m starting to sort this out. Having searched for the Lagarfljot worm in the East, looked for hidden people and outlaws in the Highlands, and visited the Sea [...]

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Kids Make Merseyside Maritime Museum Headlines

Titanic at Merseyside Maritime Museum As one of the shipping hubs of Britain in the last century or so, and home of the mighty Cunard, Liverpool has many connections with Titanic. As the 100th anniversary nears, scouser memories, memorabilia and moments on the disaster are brought together in the Merseyside Maritime Museum. It is a [...]

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You’re in the North East now laddie… at Beamish

You’re in the North East now laddie… Beyond the edge of the Pennines, the C2C drops down into a different world, a world dominated by its’ industrial heritage, as we found out as we rode on towards the C2C finish at the North Sea in Sunderland. After days riding over moorland we find ourselves at [...]

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