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Two sides to paradise: backroad cycling in Croatia

Croatia Backroad to Montenegro

Two sides to paradise: backroad cycling in Croatia Continuing the story of our recent Balkan adventures, we return to Croatia, where after troubles cycling on the main roads we finally find a back-road heading towards Montenegro. You know one of those quiet gravel strewn roads you dream of, where traffic disappears, the sun warms your back [...]

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Wild Swimming in Crno Jezero, Montenegro

Wild Swimming in Crno Jezero, Montenegro “Adventure is always calling. The question is do you listen?” I saw this quote on an advert outside an adventure company in Zabljak, Montenegro as we walked down to explore Black Lake in the Durmitor National Park. I like to think I listen, at least sometimes, and hope I [...]

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Dream Road Trip Croatia – South Coast Jewels

Looking out to the bay in Slano, Croatia

Dream Road Trip Croatia Fancy a road trip along a sun splashed, white washed, wave drenched coast that offers, family fun by the bucket full, value for money and lilos for all shapes and sizes? Then you’ll enjoy this Road Trip Croatia Adventure Ideas post. It’s a a brilliant mini Balkan adventure, taking in Southern Croatia’s [...]

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A storming time in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old Town in Storm

Who’s up for a storming time in Dubrovnik? I’m not a foul weather person. Simple as that. Well, not quite. You see it’s not that I don’t like foul weather, it’s more that I don’t like the thought of it. It sends me into a panic, especially if I think we might all get caught [...]

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Crashes and close calls cycling in the Balkans

Crashes & close calls cycling in the Balkans Travelling as a family is nothing like travelling as a couple. Even the smallest members of the group are independent beings whose changing needs and capabilities have to be factored in as they grow. Parenting while travelling is a never ending game of weighing up situations, skills [...]

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Shooting Stars: Bivvying by a shrine

 Shooting Stars You can’t beat a good night of bivvying out for heightening the senses. Especially an unplanned one. With kids. By a small roadside shrine. Not far from a police border control. After you’ve already been warned you may not be allowed to pass. But what’s a family to do when the sun goes [...]

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Compact cameras, photo competitions and candy

The Bay of Kotor and Kotor Old Town from the Fort

Compact cameras, photo competitions and candy When is a camera more than a camera? When it’s a compact competition winner for three bored kids in an unfamiliar city. In this sponsored post, brought to you in conjunction with Sony, we ask how compact? Well, you’d be surprised… It’s competition time Whilst in Kotor this summer [...]

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One night in Mostar: past, present, minarets & magic

One night in Mostar: past, present, minarets & magic Beyond Hvar our Balkan biking journey takes us inland from Croatia into Bosnia, to visit the pilgrim shrine of Medjugorje and then onto to the Southern Bosnian city of Mostar. As the sun goes down on another day of tough Balkan riding it’s a relief to cruise [...]

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Kravica Falls, Bosnia: A father & son microadventure

Waterfall climber at Kravice Waterfalls, Bosnia

Kravica Falls, Bosnia: A father & son microadventure On the way to Medjugorje we have an option to make a detour to an exciting sounding set of waterfalls. The mission has all the makings of a good microadventure… a clear goal, a bit of challenge and a rather vague set of directions.  But not everyone is [...]

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The Spinning Suns of Medjugorje, Bosnia

Cooling off on the road to Medjugorje

In search of Our Lady of the Mountains in Medjugorje With the lavender scent of Hvar firmly behind us as we head on our way to Mostar, we take a detour towards the mountains to visit the famous town of Medjugorje in Southern Bosnia. Riding along under a voluminous morning sky, we squint hopefully at a [...]

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