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Doing more with less using eBay collections

Doing more with less using eBay collections Families can be expensive. Family outdoor play, adventures and holidays even more so. Kit is a major part of the cost, and that’s where sites like eBay come into their own if you want to be doing more with less money. And now eBay has gone one step [...]

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Mum Cam: Testing a Wearable Camera

Mum Cam: Testing a Wearable Camera. Panasonic HX-A100 Review You may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with using more video recently so are on the look out for innovations that help make it easier to gather footage, bring a new angle or show an activity in a different way. In this post we review a [...]

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Campsite Bivvy & Bivvy Bag Review

Campsite Bivvy Microadventure & Bivvy Bag Review Have you ever camped without a tent? At a campsite? It’s a strange experience as we recently found out. But it did give us a chance to test out different styles of bivvy bags in a controlled environment. In this post, part of our sleepover season of posts [...]

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Two sides to paradise: backroad cycling in Croatia

Croatia Backroad to Montenegro

Two sides to paradise: backroad cycling in Croatia Continuing the story of our recent Balkan adventures, we return to Croatia, where after troubles cycling on the main roads we finally find a back-road heading towards Montenegro. You know one of those quiet gravel strewn roads you dream of, where traffic disappears, the sun warms your back [...]

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Tips for Making Fun Family Travel Videos

Tips for Making Videos

Tips for Making Fun Family Travel Videos Family holidays are often a rich source of positive family memories. These days the smart phone in your pocket can help you record precious moments and even make them into cool little videos that capture the spirit of that special family time, and last long after the holiday [...]

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Hacking the Packing & the shirt folding challenge

Hacking the Packing

  Hacking the Packing If I had to list the most tiresome parts of travelling, packing would be up there in my top 10. No matter how big the bag, there’s always more stuff than space so I’m always open to some packing efficiency tips. For this post, brought to you with support from Holiday Inn [...]

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Compact cameras, photo competitions and candy

The Bay of Kotor and Kotor Old Town from the Fort

Compact cameras, photo competitions and candy When is a camera more than a camera? When it’s a compact competition winner for three bored kids in an unfamiliar city. In this sponsored post, brought to you in conjunction with Sony, we ask how compact? Well, you’d be surprised… It’s competition time Whilst in Kotor this summer [...]

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Biking the Balkans: Is it cool to go cycling in Croatia?

Getting ready to leave Split by bike

Biking the Balkans: Is it cool to go cycling in Croatia? Split was the planned starting point for this summer’s four week biking expedition across the Balkans. But over three days in the city, the intensity of the experience made us nervous. Could we do this, with children, one of them riding for the first [...]

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Talking Point: Virtual Travel Galapagos Style

Google Street View Galapagos

Talking Point: Virtual Travel Do you have a travel bucket list? Have you actually ticked off anything on it recently? Or is it just another page of dreams or “To Do’s” that you never quite get around to? Well, something I read in the news this week got me wondering whether I could tick off [...]

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Planning Days Out with Summer Activities Map

Littlewoods Summer Activity Planner

Are you allergic to planning journeys? Do you hate wading through attraction review sites that spew vitriol from the skies? Would you like to type in the number of family members or your budget and let a website do the work? Well. thanks to a collaboration with we’ve found one micro site that helps [...]

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